94 Gunships - Dead Bees

Dead Bees

94 Gunships

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94 Gunships - Dead Bees

Able to sing along and clap hands like excited 3 year olds high on Percy Pigs, 94 Gunships whirl around delivering rhythmic gibberish that sticks and twists in anyone’s ears, regardless of how they taste.

Featuring members plucked from various bands on the Nottingham scene and producing a unique sound that’s distinctly their own; 94 Gunships are making waves with BBC 6 Music and national airplay augmenting a healthy batch of stomping live gigs and festivals. ‘Dead Bees’ is the debut EP from the group, released on Wire & Wool Records, 1st June 2015.


‘Blimey, I wonder if we could invent a genre for that’
Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music


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  1. Slack Jaw
  2. Take My Coin
  3. Dead Bees
  4. Dig a Hole