Chambers - Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole


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Chambers - Down The Rabbit Hole

“When I wrote the melody and opening lyrics, I was thinking of a dark version of Alice in Wonderland, a dark lullaby so to speak," Houlihan tells AP about the new single. "The song has more than one meaning as it developed between the two of us whilst writing."

“I wanted the drums to follow a constant punk beat," Churchill adds. "So I based my playing on David Lovering's drumming in ‘Vamos’ by the Pixies. I wrote my portion of the lyrics in response to the Alice In Wonderland vibe that Aeris wanted, to feel like you're falling deeper into a pit of confusion, not knowing how you truly feel in a situation and rolling with an emotion because it feels right at the time, but eventually that emotion can leave you in a mess the more you hold on to it.”


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  1. Down The Rabbit Hole
  2. Amazonian Queen